Dream Interpreter: Morpheus

The son of Hypnos and the personification of sleep, Morpheus is one of the Greek gods of dreams. His name comes from the Greek words morph- (“to change”) and phe- (“to see”). His power as the god of dreams allowed him to shape and influence the dreams of those who sleep. He was also the leader of a group of dream spirits called the Oneiroi. Dreaming of Morpheus is believed to predict harmony in relations with relatives and seeing him on the street portends a new romantic relationship. Check this out : Find out more

Like the rest of The Endless – a collection of abstract concepts (Death, Desire, Destruction) that assume the anthropomorphic shapes of bickering siblings – Morpheus has rules and duties. He controls the Dreaming, a realm of adventures, delights, and horrors that humans visit when they sleep. He has a tendency to get over-emotional and defensive when challenged about his authority.

Morpheus Dream Interpreter: Bridging the Gap Between Dreams and Reality

But he’s also a sympathetic figure. The Sandman series often tells stories on an intimate scale, such as Rose using her growing powers to find Jed or rebuild walls to protect her friends from each other’s nightmares and Gault refusing to resume her proper role as a Nightmare and instead wanting to be a Dream that inspires people.

Morpheus has a lot to teach us about the power of dreams and how a single individual can make their own mark on the world. He is also a reminder that dreams are not static and he is not infallible. As we move into an ever-changing universe, it is no wonder that our dreams and nightmares are evolving too.

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