Foster Care in London

Thousands of children in London are unable to live with their parents, and seek the safety and nurturing environment provided by foster carers. If you’re over 21, have a spare room in your home and the time to care for children, you could be eligible to become a foster parent in London. The first step is to pass an assessment by a qualified social worker who will ensure that you can meet the requirements.

The Role of Foster Agencies in London’s Child Welfare System

The reason a child needs to go into foster care can vary, but is usually linked to some form of abuse. Abuse can include physical and emotional neglect, sexual abuse and exposure to domestic violence. These reasons may lead to children being removed from their families by the local authority. Foster care london can then be placed with a relative or friend of the family, or with an agency-approved foster carer.

For some young people, a fostering placement is the best option to help them overcome difficult experiences and build positive relationships with others. The aim of fostering in london is to provide a safe, caring and stable environment that will allow the child to develop a sense of belonging. This can be achieved by encouraging the child to be part of a supportive network of people that they can turn to for advice, support and encouragement. This can be a family member, neighbour or group of friends, such as the children in our groups. Foster carers are also able to support the child to maintain contact with their birth parents, if they want to.

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