KASCO Meat Saw Blades

When it comes to food safety and consistency, meat cutting is a critical step in the production process. Whether your facility processes poultry, rigorous bone in meat cuts or even deli meats, the right blades and parts are essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity. KASCO’s meat saw blades deliver efficient cuts with less waste to lower your operation’s cutting costs.

How many teeth does a meat saw blade have?

We have a wide selection of meat cutting band saw blades that fit most common butcher saw machines. We also offer custom bandsaw blades made to your exact length. We recommend you always select a blade with at least 3 teeth per inch when cutting meat. The larger number of teeth helps to prevent the blade from dulling too quickly and can improve your cut quality.

One Way Portion Control

KASCO’s one way portion control blades are engineered for optimum fish, beef and pork cutting with reduced skew and better portion control. The controlled set and tooth shape cut produce minimum kerf for better product appearance, less waste and higher yields.

Meat/Bone Blade

The meat/bone blade is designed to cut boneless and processed meats, cheeses and very soft bone material such as chicken. It gives superb product appearance and can double as a slicer. This blade can also run a little slower than other bandsaw blades. Typically these types of meat/bone blades don’t have pulley adjustments to increase the blade speed. The slow running speed is necessary to keep the blade from overheating and damaging the cutting surface.

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