metal staircases

Steel staircases have become increasingly popular over the years and are seen as a modern alternative to traditional wood structures. As a material, steel has an impressive strength to weight ratio and is highly versatile allowing for a broad range of creative modern staircase designs. With an extensive range of finishing options available, they can be fabricated to suit any aesthetic. Find out

Staircases are a common element in both residential and commercial buildings and provide safe access between different levels of the structure. They can also serve as a design focal point for the building and add a sense of elegance and luxury to its interior. Staircases are often made from a variety of materials but the most durable and attractive are those constructed from metal. This is because metal offers an array of design options that can match a wide range of styles and tastes.

Metal Staircases in Historical Renovations: Preserving the Past with a Twist

The most commonly used type of metal staircase consists of straight stairs with closed risers. These can be arranged with or without a landing and are available in various sizes. Staircases that are designed with open risers are more likely to rust as they expose their steel components to water and other atmospheric conditions for longer periods of time. This can be prevented with routine maintenance and protective finishes like paint or shellac.

Using steel plates to construct staircases is an efficient and cost effective solution. Steel is easily fabricated and can be bent, cut, drilled, bolted or welded which minimises the amount of structural design resources needed. This translates into savings in manufacturing, construction and installation costs. Steel staircases are also lighter and more durable than their wooden counterparts.

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